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February 8, 2013  regarding pending storm:

Fitchburg City Ord. No. 288-06

A. Whenever the Mayor, or his designee, declares a snow emergency exists in the City in regard to snow plowing or snow removal by giving at least six hours' notice, it shall be unlawful for the owner, operator or person in charge of any vehicle (other than one acting in an emergency) to park such vehicle or permit or suffer the same to be parked on any public street in this City for the duration of the emergency. A snow emergency so declared shall continue for a forty-eight-hour period which may be extended by the Mayor or his designee as circumstances require. During said snow emergency, the Commissioner of Public Works shall conduct snow plowing, removal, and sand and salt operations.

B. The Mayor or his designee may remove the restrictions imposed in any snow emergency for areas of the City as they become cleared.
C. The Commissioner of Public Works shall notify the Fitchburg Police Department, local TV, radio stations, newspapers and others as said Commissioner deems appropriate of any snow emergency declared under this section.
D. Any violation of this section will result in a fine of $25 and, upon the authority of a police officer, the Commissioner of Public Works or the Superintendent of Street, any vehicle parked in violation of a snow emergency declared under this section may be towed and the owner of such vehicle shall be liable for any charges incurred for the removal and storage of such vehicle.
E. The provision of this section shall not apply to handicapped parking areas located in residential zones.
F. Metered parking may be used from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. during a snow emergency, unless specifically prohibited in the declaration of such snow emergency under this section.

Captain Paul C. Bozicas
Operations Commander

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