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 Supervisor of Traffic


The Supervisor of Traffic shall have the supervision and personal direction of the traffic related functions of the police department, subject to the directions of the Operations Commander.  He shall be responsible for the good order and efficiency of the traffic related services provided by the department, and shall strive to solve traffic problems by proper enforcement and education and shall cooperate closely with appropriate engineering and maintenance personnel.


 It is the duty and responsibility of the Supervisor of Traffic:

  1. Make regular inspections of the City, noting traffic violations and other conditions requiring attention and shall take whatever action may be necessary, giving special attention to all traffic problems in the City arising from special occasions and shall cause them to be properly policed.
  2. Investigate all fatal motor vehicle accidents and accidents of such severity which may result in a fatality.
  3. Review all traffic accidents and insist upon complete, accurate accident investigation and reports.
  4. Assume the duties and responsibilities of Street Supervisor on the second relief when there is a vacancy in that position.
  5. Maintain records that are necessary in evaluating the effects of traffic data, draw conclusions therefrom and prepare plans and written recommendations to the Chief of Police.
  6. Submit a yearly written report of the Traffic Division activities to the Chief of Police.
  7. Maintain such records and information of all traffic activities and accident information as is necessary to maintain selective enforcement so long as they do not duplicate or impede the objectives and aims of the Central Records Division.
  8. Analyze collision reports, prepare and maintain charts and summaries for use in control and maintain a selective enforcement program.
  9. Conduct minor traffic surveys and studies and prepare reports for the Chief of Police as directed.
  10. Formulate both short and long range plans for traffic control by the collection of information relating to the extent of congestion and accident problems.
  11. Formulate procedures and activities, outlining the final objectives in fixing priorities, subject to the approval of the Chief of Police.
  12. Adjust the location and assignment of traffic officers in accordance with hourly and daily changes in traffic volume and flow; study and make analysis of accident records in order to develop corrective measures indicated by the location frequency of motor vehicle accidents.
  13. Direct the general enforcement of traffic ordinances based on experience.
  14. Direct public relations and public education programs designed to improve conditions and driving habits.
  15. Assist in promoting skill and ability in the officers of the Uniformed Division.
  16. Supervise closely the quality of enforcement of traffic, maintaining consistent, fair and impartial enforcement programs, with continued measurement and appraisal of effectiveness.
  17. Cooperate closely with appropriate personnel and supervise all engineering assignments which may concern the interests of the police department.
  18. Be accountable for the equipment used by officers assigned to the traffic function.
  19. Be charged with exacting the proper performance of duty from all officers assigned to the traffic function.
  20. Be particularly responsible for the efficiency, discipline, general conduct and appearance of members assigned to the traffic function and Patrol Division, second relief.
  21. Investigate all traffic hazards and initiate remedial provisions.
  22. Work in close harmony with the Chief of Police in all matters.
  23. Cooperate and work in close harmony with all Commanding and Supervisor officers and with all divisions.  Cooperate with the public, parochial schools and other agencies and organizations in Traffic Safety Education.  Meet as often as required with the Operations Commander and receive orders and supervision through discussions and conferences.
  24. Keep thoroughly informed of particulars concerning all traffic reports and keep abreast of new developments and techniques in the traffic field through periodicals, reference books, court decisions, special and technical publications and with attendance at meetings and conferences.


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