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A Sergeant occupies the first level of supervision in the Department.  His primary responsibility is to exact the proper performance of police duty from the Patrol Officers assigned to duty within the area subject to his supervision.


The Sergeant is charged with ensuring compliance with the Department's rules, regulations, policies, procedures, general orders, special orders, directives and appropriate statutes and law.  He handles all infractions and reports all violations to his superior.

He shall thoroughly acquaint himself with the duties of Patrol Officers and shall assist and instruct the Patrol Officers under his supervision in the proper discharge of their duties.

He shall be responsible for the proficiency, discipline, conduct, appearance and strict attention to duty of all Patrol Officers under his supervision.

He shall have the duties and responsibilities prescribed for all Commanding Officers and such other duties and responsibilities as assigned by the Chief of Police.


 It is the duty and responsibility of a Sergeant to:

  1. Supervision
    1. Supervise Patrol Officers assigned to his command.
    2. Be fully familiar with the current departmental rules, policies, procedures and developments in the law that affect him and members under his supervision.
    3. Review the performance of officers under his supervision on a regular basis to determine whether they are properly, effectively and consistently carrying out their police duties; and, if they are not, to ensure that they do so.
    4. Ensure that when the police performance of an officer under his command is unsatisfactory, measures are taken through encouragement, explanation, referral to his superior officer or other means consistent with departmental policy to see that the officer's future conduct is up to standard.
    5. Submit a written report when a subordinate commits a breach of the rules of the Department.  Include in such report the complete details of the wrong-doing and of those corrective measures attempted.
    6. Take charge of any situation, public gathering or demonstration which is contrary to good order, peace or the law.  This requirement shall apply both on and off duty.
    7. Implement all orders received from superior officers.  To this end thoroughly explain to departmental personnel under his command the content of new orders that affect their responsibilities.
    8. Whenever uncertain of what is expected of him or other members of the Department, request clarification from his superior officer.
    9. Be accountable for the actions or omissions of officers under his supervision which are contrary to departmental Rules & Regulations, General Orders, Special Orders or policy and procedure and which would have been avoided if he had been properly executing his supervisory responsibilities.
    10. Respond to any emergency or incident of a serious nature (or when he is dispatched to the scene by the Officer-In-Charge) which may occur, and take command of the situation until relieved by an officer of superior rank.
    11. Ensure that all Patrol Officers receive warrants, summonses, subpoenas or other official papers, and serve or deliver or perform their duties regarding such papers promptly and accurately.
    12. Inspect the daily log before beginning his tour of duty and familiarize himself with all important matters that have occurred since his last inspection of said daily log.  He shall make note of all complaints at roll call and make certain that the Patrol Officers under his supervision are giving them proper attention.
  2. Reporting and Writing Procedures
    1. Comply with the departmental reporting system and instruct subordinates in the proper method of reporting.
    2. Report to his Officer-In-Charge all serious or unusual occurrences that occur during his tour of duty.
    3. Cause reports to be filed on preliminary investigations and periodic reports on the status of more in-depth investigations, calling to the attention of his Officer-In-Charge any significant developments in all investigations.
    4. Perform other such duties as the Chief of Police, or his designee, may require.

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