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 Report Review Officer


The Report Review Officer shall be assigned to the Services Unit and be responsible for the efficient discharge of duties assigned to him for maintaining departmental standards for the writing and filing of police reports, prompt disposition of police cases, and to discharge other functions as may be delegated to him.


It is the duty and responsibility of the Report Review Officer:

  1. Exercise authority commensurate with his responsibility and be accountable directly to the Auxiliary and Technical Services Commander, or in his absence, to the Senior Supervisory Officer on duty.
  2. Promptly obey and transmit all orders of the Chief of Police and his Commanding Officer, ensuring uniform interpretation and full compliance.
  3. Be available for duty in cases of special needs or emergencies.  He shall respond punctually to all of his assignments.  Ordinarily, his hours of duty will be established by the Commanding Officer.
  4. Familiarize himself thoroughly with the operations performed by the various units within the Department, the interrelationships of these operations, and the relationship of the police department functions to those of other municipal departments.
  5. Familiarize himself thoroughly with all the rules governing records and reporting procedures and the investigation and closing of offense reports ensuring that the activities of the investigating officers handling cases are decisive and constitute definite steps toward completion and disposition of the case.
  6. Ensure that all incidents are properly classified by familiarizing himself with Uniform Crime Reporting Handbook used by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the departmental classification file and the classification of accidents developed by the National Safety Council.
  7. The reliance on retrievable data by this organization is recognized. This necessity assumes a data system that is functioning. Therefore, the Report Review Officer, or in his absence, the Data Systems Manager, must be able to be contacted at any time deemed necessary.
  8. Also perform other such duties as the Chief of Police, or his designee, may require.

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