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 Operations Commander


The Operations Commander of the Uniformed Patrol Divisions, of Captain rank, shall exercise control over all its members.  He shall be held responsible for the accomplishment of the police mission through the operations division of the police department. 

In his role as Operations Commander, he shall perform such tasks of an administrative or investigative nature as directed by the Chief of Police.

Subject to the Direction of the Chief of Police, he shall assign his force to motor patrol, foot patrol, intersection point traffic posts, relief duty, headquarters posts or other investigative functions or special operations.


The Operations Commander shall have command and management responsibility, under the general direction and supervision of the Chief of Police, for the following:

  1. All line functions of the patrol division of the police department. 
  2. Directs line inspection by subordinate commanders and supervisors.  Provides control and standardization of all operational procedures; including manpower allocation, scheduling, staffing, organization, methods of patrol, patrol coverage, deployment and special patrol activities; i.e. "directed patrol" and "selective enforcement" programs.
  3. The production of law enforcement intelligence, collection and processing of intelligence information and coordination and dissemination of intelligence to the proper line unit commanders.  Supplying the essential information and intelligence requirements of the Chief of Police.
  4. Preparing, coordinating and activating operational plans and orders, reviewing plans orders of subordinates, and recommending priorities for allocating critical resources of the department.
  5. Planning, coordinating and providing budget preparation information for all operations functions of the police department.
  6. Processing and preparing information for coordinating, advising and planning to assist the Chief of Police in operations matters.  All other duties as required by the Chief of Police.

Further, the Operations Commander shall, generally:

  1. Review and approve assignments of personnel by his Sergeants and may order changes in assignments.  He is authorized to transfer officers temporarily from one shift to another in order to assure a distribution of the force in proportion to the work load on each shift.
  2. Observe, critically, procedures affecting the operation of his Division and shall recommend changes designed to increase its effectiveness.
  3. Insist that all members of his Division comply with standard operating procedures, giving special attention to those failures that may jeopardize the safety of his officers, the rights and liberties of private persons, and the reputation of the Police Department.
  4. Make a frequent inspection of the City at irregular times, noting all violations of laws and ordinances and conditions requiring police attention.  He shall take such steps as are necessary to correct the irregularities.  He shall, at irregular and unusual hours, make tours of inspection of officers on duty to ascertain whether their duties are being properly performed.
  5. Be alert to discover criminal activities whose continuance indicates the need to supplement the regular patrol during certain hours and in certain sections of the City.  He shall make requests to the Chief of Police for additional personnel staffing to meet such needs.
  6. See that all complaints anywhere in the City are promptly and properly investigated and that appropriate action is taken.
  7. Notify the Chief of Police as soon as practicable, of the nature, location and time of the occurrence if such circumstances require the immediate attention of the Chief of Police.
  8. Make decisions as to action to be taken in cases referred to him by the Dispatcher.
  9. Provide staff supervision of officers from other divisions who may be on duty in the absence of their own supervising officers.
  10. Require patrol superiors or ranking officers to supervise carefully the preliminary investigation of crimes by Patrol Officers and to direct all available resources of the Patrol Section toward the apprehension of the perpetrator or suspects, the location and interviewing of witnesses and the recovery of stolen property.  He shall hold his superior or ranking officers strictly accountable for any laxness or delay in conducting a thorough and complete investigation.

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