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 Officer In Charge - Criminal Investigation Bureau


The Officer-In-Charge of the Criminal Investigation Bureau, shall report directly to the Operations Commander and shall have complete responsibility for the operation of said Bureau, under the command and direction of the Operations Commander.


It is the duty and responsibility of the Officer-In-Charge of the Criminal Investigation Bureau to:

  1. Be responsible for proper clearance of all crime reports investigated by his Bureau, the successful prosecution of criminal cases, and the recovery of stolen property.
  2. Supplement direct supervision of his Investigators by analyzing the reports of individual investigators.  He shall be responsible for their efficient operation and for the maintenance of close cooperation and harmonious relations between them and other divisions and bureaus.
  3. Be responsible for the successful completion of the investigation of all crimes assigned to his Bureau and shall require his subordinates to exert their best efforts in the investigation of such crimes and their clearance by arrest.
  4. Be responsible for the complete, accurate and prompt preparation of reports by his subordinates.
  5. Ascertain that the work load is equitably distributed among all members of the Bureau.
  6. Make spot checks, from time to time, on the activities and efficiency of his subordinates and shall request a transfer from his Bureau of any member who seems unqualified for investigative service by reason of indifferent attitude, lack of interest, or failure to clear cases by the arrest of the perpetrators.  He shall cause records to be kept which shall reflect all daily transactions of this Bureau in detail, including assignments and production of his subordinates.
  7. Assist, insofar as he is able, in returning offenders from other jurisdictions and shall maintain proper relations with outside law enforcement agencies by assisting them in the apprehension of offenders and by providing them with information useful to them.
  8. Render such assistance to other operating units of this Department as may be necessary and shall notify other interested police personnel or Commanders of any crime wave or unusual crimes needing attention by that other personnel or division or bureau.
  9. Devote his entire time and energies to the fulfillment of the duties of his office.
  10. Furnish a copy of the bureau assignments and production to the Operations Commander weekly.
  11. Be responsible for the receipt of processed evidence and maintain such evidence under his direct control until such time as it is released for presentation to court.  The chain of evidence shall be maintained as directed by the Officer-In-Charge.
  12. Be responsible for periodically purging the evidence records, to maintain accounting of evidence forwarded to other agencies or laboratories for examination; or that held in court following trials or while appeals may be pending and ultimately ascertaining that appropriate disposition is made of evidence on court order, return to legal owner, or sold at public auction.
  13. Perform other assignments that the Chief of Police or Operations Commander may determine from time to time.

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