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Subject to direction from the Chief or Captain, a Lieutenant is responsible for the immediate supervision and control of all members under his command and is responsible for their efficiency and effectiveness as members of the Department.  Each Lieutenant is responsible for ensuring compliance with the Department's rules, regulations, policies, procedures, general orders, special orders, directives and appropriate statutes and law by individuals within his command.  He performs various functions relating to either administration or operation of the Department as directed by the Chief or Captain.



 It is the duty and responsibility of a Lieutenant to:

  1. Familiarize himself with the authority delegated to him, taking special care to know the substance of his responsibilities and of those under his charge and the limits of his authority.
  2. Ensure that all departmental personnel assigned to him know and execute their duty assignments, and are fully familiar with the rules, policies and procedures of the Department.
  3. Supervise departmental personnel while they are on duty.  Take measures through consultation with departmental personnel and personal observation to see that all officers are properly carrying out their police duties.  Frequently exchange information on the performance of departmental personnel with his Patrol Supervisor(s) and the appropriate Division Commander(s).  Where a member of the Department has not properly carried out his duties, bring the matter to the attention of the Operations Commander in the form of a written report with specific recommendations for disposition.  In the case of a minor infraction or poor performance, or when directed by the Chief of Police or a Division Commander, he shall write a statement of counselling to the subordinate officer and forward copies to the Chief of Police and such Division Commander.
  4. Ensure that all personnel under his command, are aware of those departmental forms, records and reports they are expected to complete and of the manner in which the forms, records and reports are to be filled out. Take steps to see that he and all personnel under his command, properly fulfill their duties in this matter.
  5. Faithfully carry out all orders from the Chief and Captain, and communicate to the members of the Department the nature of any orders which affect them.
  6. Perform other such duties as the Chief of Police, or his designee, may require.


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