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The dispatcher receives most oral communications from the public and law enforcement personnel coming into police headquarters. By following established procedures and employing common sense, the dispatcher transmits requests for service to the appropriate location.

Subject to the provisions in the Manual sections covering Policies and Procedures, the dispatcher has the primary responsibility for the initial deployment of law enforcement personnel and equipment.


It is the duty and responsibility of the dispatcher to:

  1. Immediately report any deployment of police officers beyond their regularly assigned routes or sectors to the patrol supervisor and officer-in-charge.
  2. Periodically announce the call letters of the Department as issued by the Federal Communications Commission, and end each radio transmission by announcing the time expressed in military style.
  3.  Be thoroughly familiar with the Department's procedures relating to the use of radio and other communications equipment.
  4. Acquire a thorough knowledge of the location and lay-out of streets, buildings, parks, housing projects and other significant areas of the community so as to maximize the accuracy and speed of dispatches.
  5. Respond to all complaints/requests received in a calm, civil manner.
  6. Be familiar with emergency procedures that relate to matters requiring urgent police attention so as to be capable of activating them immediately.
  7. Keep personnel who have been dispatched on calls fully informed of all facts affecting the safety or efficiency of their response to the call.
  8. Inform the patrol supervisor and officer-in-charge when contact with an officer on patrol cannot be made after a reasonable amount of time.
  9. Maintain equipment, especially the emergency call lines, in working order and immediately report all malfunctions or defects to the officer-in-charge.
  10. Record all significant communications as required by current departmental directives.
  11. Respond, speak and behave in a respectful, courteous, pleasant and considerate manner when addressing any member of the public, department, or any other person, while acting in any capacity as an employee of the Fitchburg Police Department.
  12. Perform other such related duties as required by the Chief of Police or his designee.

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