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 Court Liaison


The police/court liaison is responsible for whatever action is necessary to assist the District Attorney in the preparation and presentation of criminal cases in the District Court.  As the Department's liaison with the court, he or she coordinates the scheduling of cases and witnesses.

It is the duty and responsibility of the police court liaison:

  1. Maintain an effective working relationship between the court and the police department.
  2. Coordinate the scheduling of cases for the police department.
  3. Assure that witnesses are notified and that evidence is available.
  4. Minimize the time spent in court by Fitchburg police officers.  Maintain an updated and accurate record of time spent in court by police officers.
  5. Notify the Auxiliary and Technical Services Commander and/or the Chief of Police of any unusual occurrences requiring their personal attention.
  6. Cooperate with the District Attorney's Office in the scheduling and presentation of cases to the Grand Jury or in the Superior Court.
  7. Be responsible for ensuring the punctual attendance of all departmental members and their effective preparation and presentation of cases before the courts.

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