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The Chief of Police is the chief administrative officer of the Department and the final departmental authority in all matters of policy, operations, and discipline.  He exercises all lawful powers of his office and issues such lawful orders as are necessary to assure the effective performance of the Department.

Through the Chief of Police, the department is responsible for the enforcement of all laws coming within its legal jurisdiction.  The Chief of Police is responsible for planning, directing, coordinating, controlling and staffing all activities of the Department, for its continued and efficient operation, for the enforcement of rules and regulations within the Department, for the completion and forwarding of such reports as may be required by competent authority, and for the Department's relations with local citizens, the local government and other related agencies.

He shall have general charge of the station house and all property of the Police Department.


 It is the duty and responsibility of the Chief of Police to:

  1. Observe and enforce all laws which the Department or its officers have the authority to execute.
  2. Organize, direct, and control all resources of the Department to preserve the peace, protect persons and property and obey and enforce all ordinances of the community and all criminal laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
  3. Develop the organizational structure of the Department in accordance with professional standards, including the creation and abolishment of departmental sections.
  4. Establish a routine of daily duties to be performed by officers as designated by him and designate an officer to serve as Officer-In-Charge in his absence.
  5. Assign, detail or transfer any member or employee of the Department to or from any unit or assignment whenever he shall deem such action to be in the best interest of the efficiency, discipline or morale of the Department.
  6. Cause an adequate and progressive program of training to be organized and conducted for members and employees of the Department.
  7. Ensure that all members have available to them copies of the Department's rules, regulations and policies.
  8. Promulgate all general and special orders of the Department and issue on his own authority orders, written and oral, not inconsistent with his powers, duties and responsibilities.
  9. Cause appearance of members of the Department to be inspected.
  10. Plan and execute police programs designed to prevent and repress crime, to apprehend and prosecute offenders and to recover property.  He shall modify these programs to meet current trends as they are referred to him by analyses of records and reports.
  11. Cause investigation of all cases of alleged or apparent misconduct by departmental personnel.
  12. Keep himself informed of the affairs of the Department so that the duties and responsibilities of departmental personnel under his command are being properly discharged.
  13. Exercise general supervision and inspection of all public places within the community in order that the laws and ordinances concerning them are obeyed.
  14. Develop or adopt new techniques to improve effectiveness in the discharge of primary police obligations of the Department.
  15. Cause to be adopted a policy covering the safekeeping of all evidence and any property recovered, found or confiscated.
  16. Submit reports as required by law.

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