Why is my bill higher than before?

The Water and Wastewater Commission for the City of Fitchburg are authorized to set the sewer rates for the Fitchburg Wastewater Division. Rate revenues must cover the day-to-day expenses incurred to operate the water and sewer systems, as well as support ongoing Wastewater Division maintenance and improvements that comply with federal and state agencies aimed at protecting health and the environment.

Rate changes typically occur for the June 1st billing period. Click here for the current sewer rates.

If you notice an apparent billing increase out side of the regularly scheduled rate increases, it is because your property’s water meter is reading more flow passing through the meter than before. If you are not increasing your water use (lawn or garden watering, water use for home maintenance, automobile washing, etc.), this would suggest that there are plumbing leaks on the property side of the water meter, and these leaks are “read” as water usage by the customer. Increased water use consumption by customers, due to plumbing leaks, lawn, house, property or automotive maintenance, are not abatable conditions, and customers will be billed for sewer use on these meter readings. (Refer to the DPW Wastewater Division’s Sewer Billing Abatement Policy for details.)

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