Convert Media to Digital

We recommend making an appointment if you will need assistance with learning how to use any of the below equipment.

Convert your VHS tapes to digital files

You can convert your old VHS tapes to play on a DVD player with the Library's VCR and special equipment. You can create MPEG files to convert to a DVD, or upload your files to youtube to share with people. The conversion works in real time, so allow enough time. Also, copyrighted professional video tapes will not copy. 

Convert your record albums to CDs

Convert your record albums to MP3 files with the Library's equipment. Use our dedicated phonograph player with USB output to create mp3 files to listen with your iPod or computer. USB flash drives are available for $3.00 to store your creations.

Convert your slides to jpeg pictures to view on your computer 

Use the Library's equipment and our dedicated laptop to make copies of your old slides. You can copy the resulting pictures onto a USB flash drive or CD to share with your friends. Edit the pictures with Photoshop on the Library's Macintosh computer with the Adobe Creative Suite.

Copy your old cassettes to MP3 files

Make copies of your old cassettes with the Library's equipment. You can convert your cassettes to MP3 files to play on modern equipment with our Audacity software. Bring a flash drive or buy one for $3.00 from the Library.