Trash-Do's and Don'ts

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  • Place your cart at the curb with the serial numbers facing the street
  • Place your cart at the curb no earlier than 12 hours before collection
  • Leave 3 feet between carts placed at curb 
  • Remove cart from curb within 12 hours after collection


  • Don't place your cart behind objects such as cars, poles, signs etc.
  • Don't overfill cart, the lids must be able to be closed 
  • Don't place hazardous waste or recycling in your trash cart
  • Don't place large amount of liquids, such as paint in your cart

If there is a need for additional carts they may be obtained from the Health Dept for a fee of $100 annually for extra trash carts and a $60 one-time fee for Recycling Carts.  For more information or detail on additional disposal options go to Landfill or click