Fitchburg City Hall Feasibility Study

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Fitchburg City Hall History 

Brief history overview from the Fitchburg Historical Society, Page 1 

Brief history overview from the Fitchburg Historical Society, Page 2 

2017 City Hall FEASIBILITY study  

December 14, 2016 Press Release, advertisement for a Request for Qualifications to conduct a feasibility study

December 21, 2016 RFQ documents

Lamoureux Pagano & Associates qualifications 

City Council Order for feasibility study 

Agreement between the City of Fitchburg and Lamoureux Pagano & Associates   

November 2, 2017 Press Release - City Hall feasibility study

2017 Fitchburg City Hall Feasibility Study - Full Report (Copies are available to view in the Library and City Clerk’s Office) 

November 15, 2017 Special Meeting of the City Council Agenda 

November 15, 2017 PowerPoint Presentation

700 Main Street 

City Council Order to accept 700 Main Street

Quitclaim Deed for 700 Main Street

August 8, 2017 Press Release, Fitchburg to Hold Passing of the Key Ceremony 

2017 Fitchburg City Hall Building Committee 

Mary Delaney, Building Committee Chair, Chief procurement Officer

Mark Barbadoro, Building Commissioner 

Jay Bry, Vice President of Finance and Administration, FSU 

Ellen DiGeronimo, Member of Fitchburg Historical Commission 

Thomas Donnelly. City Councilor At-Large 

Phil Esposito, Licensed Contractor  

Michael Kushmerek, City Council President 

Lenny Laakso, Commissioner of Public Works 

William McSheehy, Citizen Representative 

A.J. Tourigny, Chief of Staff 

Tom Skwierawski, Executive Director of Planning and Community Development