Property Transfers

Selling Your Property

When you sell your property a final water meter reading MUST be taken by the City of Fitchburg Water Office. We will need at least a 48 hour notice to accommodate all closing requests and to prepare the final figures. When calling in to request a final water reading we will need the closing date, the new owner’s name and billing address and the closing attorney’s contact information. We will read the meter, calculate what is due and report these figures to the closing attorney. We will add a $50 administrative fee for collecting the reading and preparing the figures. This fee will be added into the final water figures and must be paid at time of closing.

How We Calculate the Final Water Reading Based On a 5/8, 3/4 or 1" Meter

Example: The last reading taken for water/sewer was 1590 and the final reading taken is 1600. We use the reading of 1600 and deduct 1590 which equals 10 units of water used since the last reading. From this figure deduct 2,(which represents the first 200 cubic feet of water which is charged at a flat fee of $7.09 based on the meter size). This leaves a usage of 8. Multiply the 8 by $4.20, (the fee for 100 cubic feet of water). For the sewer take the entire usage of 10 and multiply by the sewer rate of $7.30.
Sewer usage is based solely on the water usage. 

$7.09 (flat fee for first 200 cubic feet of water used)

8 X $4.20 =$33.60 (remaining cubic feet of water used X water rate of $4.20)

10 X $7.30= $73.00 (total units used X sewer rate of $7.30)

Final Reading Fee= $50

Total due for final water/sewer reading is $163.69
10- 2 =8 X $4.20= $33.60 + $7.09 = $40.69 + 10 X $7.30 = $73.00
($40.69 + $73.00 +$50 = $163.69)